Real Estate & Development

Parque Pavones is committed to achieving positive environmental, economic, and social impacts in the Pavones region. Development toward these goals currently centers on the following projects:

Dedication of land for permanent preservation, reforestation, and agricultural cooperatives: Parque Pavones has preserved hundreds of acres in the Pavones region (donated by Fowlie) as nature preserves and will continue to protect vast amounts of non-developable parkland and agricultural zones as Fowlie donates more land.

Long-term development of an ecotourism construction model, which satisfies the needs of local families and highlights and blends with the natural beauty of the environment: Parque Pavones insists upon maintaining a model for development in which local residents’ welfare grows at the same rate as tourism and development.

DISPA and Parque Pavones have initiated an ecotourism plan for development in Langostino (northeast of Pavones), a plan which will provide work to everyone in the region and restore the land’s natural beauty. For more about our accomplishments and plans in Pavones, see “Community, Conservation, and News.

Amicable resolutions of all land disputes in the region: Parque Pavones advocates viable solutions to Pavones’s land crisis for the interests of all residents, solutions that will remove families’ constant uncertainty about their homes and allow everyone in the Pavones region to move forward as a united community.