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Dan Fowlie Sr. is committed to improving Pavones by donating and selling land to Parque Pavones del Pacifico as he reclaims all his Pavones land in numerous court cases in Costa Rica. From 1974 to 1982, Fowlie purchased every beachfront ranch and beach concession from Rio Manzanillo to Punta Banco. These purchases gave Fowlie over fifteen miles of beach-concession land and over eighty percent of the Pavones region, land which Fowlie legally owns today with legitimate title because he bought the land from its original Costa Rican title owners.

Since 1982, there have been many fraudulent titles created and hundreds of hectares of Fowlie’s land sold illegally without Mr. Fowlie’s knowledge or consent. Many squatters were also issued titles for Fowlie’s land based on squatting laws while Fowlie was unable to contest the squatters’ claims.

Under Costa Rican law, squatters can claim possession rights to land (commonly known as squatters’ rights) after occupying land uncontested for three years, and squatters can homestead property and claim escritura (or national title rights) after occupying land uncontested for ten years. However, squatting and homestead rights are void under Costa Rican law in the case that the land’s owner is rendered unable to defend his or her land due to institutionalization or exile—as in Fowlie’s case.

To date, all applicable legal cases being heard in Costa Rican courts have been judged in favor of Mr. Fowlie. Initial title transfers of Fowlie’s properties are being nullified, annulments which, in turn, nullify all successive titles. Fowlie has won several major land cases in court, thereby reacquiring approximately a thousand acres of the five thousand he owns, in addition to some of the biggest properties taken from him. The courts rejected all titles created within Fowlie’s titles due to the caveat that Fowlie was unable to defend his legal rights to the land while institutionalized. Costa Rica no longer grants national titles for Fowlie’s land, but Fowlie must still unwind chains of illegal sales for many more of his properties. Fowlie contends that his land is still being sold illegally today, even while he reclaims it in Costa Rican courts.

If you have purchased or are in the process of purchasing land from any of the following individuals involved in numerous court cases currently pending in Costa Rica (or have purchased from sellers who bought from one of these individuals), please contact Parque Pavones for an in-depth review of your land purchase and a possible plan of recourse for securing your investment. (Fill out the contact form below).

Alan Nelson

Ana Woodward

Ann Weston

Bobby Neilson

Carlos Lobo

Don Hayes

Eric Kloos

Esteban Mora

Francisco Gomez

George Ravenscroft

Gerardo Mora

James Popsicola

Jeff Lance

Jonathan Walker Brown

Jorge Gamboa

Loren Pogue

Mark Sherman

Norman Leblanc

Oscar Chinchilla

Owen Handy

Patrick Weston

Rancho Mexifornia

Robert Bogdanovitch

Romain Vargas

Samuel Clayborn

Sonia Lobo

Sonia Alfaro Zamora

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