Parque Pavones del Pacifico

Our mission is to manage the conservation, reforestation, and development of the greater Pavones region. Focusing on needs of local residents and environmental concerns for the area, we work in the Pavones community to ensure a brighter social, economic, and ecological future for the people of Pavones.

By donating much of his Pavones land to Parque Pavones, Daniel Fowlie (principal owner and developer of Pavones) has ensured that the miles of beachfront property he purchased in the area in the seventies and eighties will be preserved, reforested, and developed in a manner that benefits local, national, and global humanitarian interests.

Owned by a humanitarian foundation (Grand Pacific), Parque Pavones is a private Costa Rican society that works directly with Pavones residents, local and national Costa Rican government, and national environmental agencies to achieve positive outcomes for the people and environment of the Pavones region—which encompasses about fifteen miles of coastline and the communities of Langostino, Pilon, Cocal, La Yerba, Rancho del Mar, Rio Claro de Pavones, Punta Banco, and beyond. DIPSA has entered into a multi-year agreement with Parque Pavones del Pacifico to manage environmentally sound development for the region.

For inquiries about Pavones land disputes and environmental/community issues, browse this website and contact us at Also visit to learn more about Pavones's past and present.